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Our engineers have developed over the years a stable Linux NVR that supports the industry leading IP camera's like Hikvision and Dahua We have integrated into all the major retail point of sale system like D-store, VBS, Arch, Micros and more... also scale devices like Terioka and Avocet. Data Mining the Meta Data we receive from these devices and overlaying/next to lay it over the video feed of the camera, Speeds up the investigation of incidents, and the time consuming finding of specific piece footage. We can search and filter "Key" words in the database to find the video footage within seconds of the event taking place for review

icon ANPR

Ultech Utilises state of the art Edge-based video analytics on the camera to detect a vehicle and extract the number plate from the live video, the term ANPR is used in this case. We can offer our own in-house ANPR system for forecourts garages and complexes or more commercial ANPR system for public roads that link to SAPS cloud database for flagged vehicles. The Ultech Linux NVR also integrates into the ANPR system and can have a white and blacklist, the system can also be used to open booms and gates for access control

icon Facial recognition

Ultech's Linux NVR has a Facial recognition system that is perfect for retails stores. Requiring no special camera's the system can detect and log each face that passes the camera, the system also has a facial recognition system that match detected faces to a database and a blacklist can also be set for alarm pop notification

icon Access Control

We use a range of product for our access control solutions from Impro Biometric scanners and RF readers to Centurion Booms and Gate motors, We also specialize in Turnstiles and Time and Attendance system

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You can find us on 47 Beaconhurst Drive, BeaconBay in East London.

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